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5 Qualities of Interesting Term Paper Topics

term paper tipsAs a term paper writer you are tasked with many things. You have to write with clarity, precision, and with your reader in mind. You have to be sure to ask a question and answer it during the work. The most important thing you must do is to keep your readers interested. Getting them hooked starts with the introductory paragraph. This is where you will debut your thesis, main ideas, most important research, and capture them with your hook. This paragraph is your first impression, and if you do not leave a good one, they will not read on. Another thing a writer can do to keep the readers attention, is to take on an interesting term paper topic. Below is a list of five qualities that make for interesting term paper topics.

  • The first quality lies in specifics. A great topic is specific in nature. Many times when trying to conduct an internet search on a topic, one will yield many results. Many of the results will be general to say the least. Broad topics yielded may be hard to focus into a fantastic paper. One will need to chose a specific aspect of a subject to yield a uniquely focused paper.
  • The second quality lies in relevance. Topics chosen have to be relevant to what it is you are trying to convey to your readers. Relevancy also refers to taking on current issues. Some topics may be overdone, and talked about for decades, but it is your duty to talk about the current state or events associated with the chosen topics. You want the reader to connect to the issue.
  • The third step lies in following directions. Your paper should always follow the directive given by your professor. Be sure you understand the papers purpose in order to come up with an interesting topic.
  • The fourth step lies in defensibility. A great topic must take a stance against or for something. Logic should always be utilized in such papers, and the stance should be defensible through research.
  • The last step lies in eliciting an emotional response from the reader. Any paper that inspires a certain level of emotion within the reader is an interesting one. A topic that is controversial in nature or utilizes a play on words, makes for an interesting addition to your paper.

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