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Top 10 research paper topics in literature

The beauty of being asked to choose a literature topic for your next research paper assignment is that the range or scope of material available is simply fantastic. There is always the adage that you should write about something you want to write about, something you are passionate about. Because there is such a wonderful range of literature research paper topics, there is no excuse for you choosing something you don't like. Once you've chosen a topic you are interested in or have some prior knowledge of, you are immediately off to a flying start.

One good idea is to choose a literature research paper topic in an area in which you will be studying a particular topic in the future. If you know you are going to be studying the works of a particular novelist or playwright at some stage later in your course, why not choose a literature topic relevant to that subject? You're giving yourself a leg up so that when you come to this additional study later on, you will have already read widely on the topic. That's a smart move.

Here are 10 literature research paper topics

  1. What is the place of race in the world of literature?
  2. Which writers have introduced philosophy in the novels?
  3. How have different writers discussed death and dying in their books?
  4. How do novelists treat sexual mores in their writing?
  5. How important are modern-day literature critics?
  6. What do we mean by black humour and how is it portrayed in novels?
  7. How have some novelists treated cats in their books?
  8. Is there a place for politics in modern-day literature?
  9. How has the subject of equal rights being portrayed in novels over the last 100 years?
  10. War in literature.

As you can see from the topics above, there is a wide range of topics. But one important tip is that of choosing a general as opposed to a specific topic. A research paper needs evidence of research but if your topic is too broad, you’ll never get a chance to write in depth. If you have a general topic, seek a specific aspect of that title and pinpoint your point of study. It is easier to write well and in depth when the topic of your literature research paper has a very narrow focus.

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