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Effective Research Paper Writing: Pick Your Work Station

Where is the one place you can go to be creative in your writing? Chances are the first answer that came to mind was your work station. Your work station is essentially your home away from home when it comes to writing a research paper. Your work station can be anywhere, a table in a coffee shop, your home desk, or a private desk in the school library. Aside from the traditional things that go into writing an effective research paper, another important component to keep in mind is your work station.

Work Station Must-Haves

Sadly, students do not realize how important a well-kept work station can be to the research paper writing process. Not only that, but they do not realize the benefits of having a work station in the first place. One benefit to having a work station is that it gives you a place to concentrate. There are no outside distractions (unless you are in a public place like a coffee shop) and nothing to take your focus away from working. Another benefit to having a work station is that you stay organized making the research and writing process flow smoothly.

Each effective work station must have some very specific things, including location. Take a look at the work station must-haves:

  • It should be in a quiet location: Sure, some people set up shop in a local coffee shop but in all reality they will not get as much work done as if they were in a quiet and relaxed place.
  • It should have easy access to reference materials: These materials include books or a list of websites on proper citations, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a notebook for brainstorming. Essentially you can find these things online but if for some reason you do not have internet access at your station it is always good to have a back-up plan.
  • Avoid frills- Your work station for writing a research paper is not the same as your work desk. Avoid putting up pictures or other personal items. A calendar is acceptable as it will help you keep track of deadlines for your paper should you have them.
  • Keep it quiet and simple- No television, radio, or cell phone should be in your work station when you are working on your paper. Also, avoid going on social media or any non-research paper related sites.

Having the perfect work station will not only increase your productivity when writing your paper bit it will also help you enhance your grade. Follow these tips on creating the perfect work station and you will be good to go next time you have a research paper to write.

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