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How to write a thesis for a research paper: 10 catching hints

When you are beginning to write a research paper, one of the most important parts is the thesis statement, which can make or break your paper. Use our thesis help to become more successful with this important aspect of your paper, and keep these following points in mind:

  • Avoid putting your thesis statement anywhere but the first paragraph and it usually works best as the first or the last sentence of that opening paragraph.
  • Be clear and specific and do all that you can to avoid vague words and what essentially are fluff words that add nothing to your thesis statement.
  • Show your reader where the thesis is but avoid being too obvious with terms like “today I will be writing my paper about…”
  • Unless it is a technical paper or report you are writing, avoid technical language unless it is necessary for the topic or assignment or you know your reader understands the jargon.
  • Avoid the use of vague words that really do not add anything to your thesis, these words include common weak words such as "interesting,” "unusual," “many,” and "difficult."
  • Avoid abstract words when strong or more focused words could be used so instead of saying "society," name the specific group you are talking about or targeting.
  • Avoid oversimplifying complex issues by presenting an either or approach – do not turn a multi layered issue into a plain black and white debate that belittles its impact or importance.
  • Avoid merely reporting simple facts that are not very special or extraordinary because you should be giving your reader a reason to read your paper and you need a unique and appealing thesis.
  • Be prepared to give your reader a reason to invest their time in your paper and show them why they should care about your topic and why they should invest themselves in what you have to say.
  • Make sure your thesis is focused and strong because this is the one sentence that summarizes your entire paper and carries the most weight.

By using these ten helpful tips and remember these practical pointers, you can have a much better time working on your thesis statement and flushing out your paper. Once the thesis statement is established the rest of your paper will fall into place.

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