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A List of Interesting Topics for a Research Paper in Philosophy

A research paper in philosophy is your chance to impress your professor and classmates by presenting original and well-developed arguments on some interesting topic. The most important thing about buying research papers is finding a sufficiently impressive topic. This can be a difficult thing, as the number of options available to you is so great.

Use the following prompts to develop some interesting and unique topics:

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  • The concept of happiness through the eyes of different philosophers.
  • Depending on the size of your paper, you can focus on a single philosopher or compare several opposing ideas. The hardest part of writing this kind of paper is developing your own definition of happiness.

  • Moral theory today.
  • In this essay, you can show how morals have evolved over the years by using some specific society as an example. You can also focus on explaining the current moral code and finding the reasons that prompted the creation of common moral rules.

  • Understanding between humans.
  • You can turn this essay into a literature analysis paper and explore someone else’s ideas. Or, you can develop your own theory by conducting various social experiments, and use other’s works on this topic to support your claims.

  • Free will and religion.
  • This is a very controversial topic that you will need to be careful about. Be sure to avoid insulting your opponent’s views when presenting your arguments on the topic. Religion is a very personal issue, and you must take this into consideration when creating an essay that other, potentially religious, people will grade.

  • An ideal government.
  • This paper will give you an opportunity to fantasize about an ideal world. In a way, you need to make the paper describe a political utopia. Do not forget to support your ideas with some solid arguments.

  • Can wars be considered justice?
  • Many wars have been started to bring “justice” to some nations. Is this the right approach? Can war and justice actually go hand in hand?

    This is a powerful topic that you can use to impress the audience greatly. To achieve this goal, you must uncover some interesting historical evidence. It is also imperative to write in a passionate and emphatic manner.

  • Is there life after death?
  • Speculate on this topic and look for interesting evidence to support your theories. This essay can be great fun to write if you can get into a morbid mood.

  • Postmodernism in philosophy.
  • This should be an analysis essay that explores various examples of postmodernist philosophical works, and explains their significance and the influence they had on the development of this movement as a whole.

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