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10 Fresh Ideas For Research Papers To Make Your Project Shine

Making your project shine takes more than just finding an interesting topic. Even if you are a great writer, so are many other students. So, let's assume that you have picked a great topic, written all of your research down in a way that is interesting and fun, and are now ready to submit your paper. What else can you do to stand out? It can be difficult to get up in front of an entire class and present a paper, especially when you are far down the presentation line. The delivery is everything, so here are some interesting ideas you can incorporate to stand out from the crowd.

How to make your project shine:

  1. Using props relevant to your project presentations is always a plus. It also leaves people with the impressions you cared enough about your project to go to all the trouble.
  2. Handing out some literature on your topic is always a great way to help others stay informed, and decreases the chances they will forget your work easily. Literature is often saved for future reference, so make sure to include where it came from, your name, and the topic and date of your presentation.
  4. Parting gifts relevant to what was discussed will leave a nice impression of your attention to detail. Everyone likes to receive "things" and brightening someone’s day will be your shining moment. 
  5. Make attachments with additional and complementary information to go along with your project for members of your audience who would like to find out more.
  6. Make sure that all your work is neat, legible, and presentable. This should of course go without saying, but many students do not realize its importance.
  7. Include color pictures, both with the portion of your project that you need to turn in, and with your hand outs. Take the time to have posters made or hand make them yourself to display all the information for everyone to see. Color pictures give projects that "little something extra" that is lacking when no visual aids are used. 
  8. Appeal to the stomach! Having some treats will also captivate your audience’s attention. Who doesn't like treats? 
  9. Include a CD with all your work recorded, and turn it in to your instructor with the paper copy.
  10. Make a full formal presentation page for your project which includes your name, date, title, and contact information, then have it laminated for a WOW effect. 
  11. Turn your project in to a book; they can do it easily at any office specialty store.

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