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Term Paper Editing: 5 Pieces Advice That Will Help You Do It Effectively


Editing and proofreading your work can be hard sometimes, especially if you don’t know the proper way to edit your work.  This can be because you don’t know about grammar, spelling, or how to write a proper sentence but that all can be learned online and in books on the subject.  I would suggest if you are having troubles in these areas, you should study this stuff daily, if only for 15 to 30 minutes a day. This will give you the edge you will need to edit your own work. 

5 Pieces of Advice That Will Help You Do It Effectively

  • After you are completely done writing your term paper walk away from it for a little bit.  You just spent days even weeks working on this paper, now it’s time to walk away and come back with fresh eyes later.  This will clear your head and will make the editing process more effective.
  • So you can edit your paper more effectively, try using the Focus feature in Microsoft Word.  It makes the background black and all that is on your screen is the document. 
  • Read over it a couple times and fix errors that you might have missed when you wrote it.  After you have fixed them, use text to speech or read it out loud to catch any errors you might have missed while silently reading it. 
  • Make sure you always write and edit your work in a quiet area with little or no distractions.  This means silencing your phone, turning the television off, disabling your Internet or Wi-Fi, and kicking everyone out of that space.  If you can’t do this as home, try a library or somewhere else quiet so you can focus on your work. 
  • Start your term paper early so you have time to write and edit it.  If you start early you will be able to take your time on writing and editing it, which will give you a better grade in the end.  It also gives you time to do your editing in stages, this means you start with one thing and find all those errors first before moving on to the next.  Like finding all the spelling errors first, then moving on to grammar and content, and so on. 

These pieces of advice will help you edit and proofread your work like a champ and learning the proper way to do it in the first place with make future papers a breeze.

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