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Parts Of A Research Paper: An Academic Tutorial

There are many parts of a research paper. The following will be an academic tutorial on these parts. Research papers are basically the same as most essays except they are usually longer. The following is a list of the parts of a research paper.

  1. Introduction
    • The introduction sets the stage for the reader as to what he is going to be reading. It is always the first few paragraphs of your paper.
    • It will contain your topic and your custom thesis statement. This will tell the audience what the topic of your research paper is as well as what your argument is.
    • Tries to get the reader interested in what he is going to be reading. Try to give him a reason to continue to read.
    • Hopefully your thesis is something the audience is interested in. Give them a reason. Create some kind of emotion.
  2. Body
    • This is where you give all of your evidence to justify your thesis statement.
    • You should have done sufficient research so you have three or four good arguments to support your thesis. If you don’t have sufficient information, maybe you should consider changing your topic and topic sentence. Don’t continue with a paper that will be a failure. Quit while you’re ahead and talk to your professor about changing your topic.
    • Make sure you are organized and present your arguments logically. One paragraph is sufficient for each thought or argument.
    • Make sure all of your information is accurate and concise.
    • If you have any contradictory information, save it for one paragraph and make sure you give your assessment as to the validity of this information. Let your audience know you are aware of this information but explain it briefly and make sure you give evidence that strongly refutes it in your research paper.
  3. Conclusion
    • Restate your thesis. Make sure you reword it in a different way.
    • Review your main points again that prove your argument. You should be able to reword your topic sentences to get the point across.
    • Explain to your audience why you thought the thesis of this paper was important to your lives and society as a whole.
    • Try to instill something in your readers that will make them want to research the topic further.
    • Try to make this paper be the beginning of learning for your audience.

This academic tutorial on parts of a research paper should give you what you need to know to produce a good thesis. The academic tutorial gave you all of the pertinent information you need to write a clear, concise accurate research paper.

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