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Useful Term Paper Topic Ideas: Make Your Writing Successful

Need ideas for a good essay topic, but nothing comes to mind? The following suggestions might inspire you.

  • Nonverbal communication between lovers.
  • People in relationships often understand each other without saying any words. This paper should study this phenomenon; and determine how a couple can predict each other’s actions by observing gestures, facial expressions, and other means of nonverbal communication.

  • Should organ sales be legalized?
  • Study the statistics of the number of people saved by transplants, and try to calculate how this number would have changed if there had been more organs available. Think of what other effects this will have. Pay special attention in predicting the increase in crime rates.

  • Are children’s crimes the fault of their parents?
  • This paper takes another look at the age-old “nature versus nurture” question. Offer your view of the subject, and look for some real life examples to support it. Conduct a psychological experiment in order to see how a person’s behavior will change if their parent’s attitude is changed.

  • Are medical privacy regulations strict enough?
  • Express your opinion on the subject, and explain exactly why privacy rules need to be changed (or stay as they are). Compare regulations from different countries, and study what kind of effects they have on local societies.

  • Exposure of public figures’ private lives.
  • Should the media be allowed to expose people’s private lives? What should be the limit in this case? How does this reflect the person’s legal rights? Present the problem from a public figure’s point of view to make the paper more original.

  • Should sex offenders be subjected to administrative restrictions when looking for employment?
  • Would it be a good thing to limit a person’s rights this way? Explore the matter of prisons, and try to determine whether a person can indeed be reformed by spending his or her time there.

  • Parents that push their children into sports.
  • This paper should identify the reasons that make parents behave this way, and study the effects this has on their children’s lives. Take a look at the issue from a wider perspective. Determine how it affects the development of sports as a whole. Also examine the kind of impact it has on society, as well as education systems that offer sports scholarships.

  • Are there popular children’s toys that cause the development of emotional problems?
  • Study the current toy market, and determine how the most popular toys affect the children’s psyches. Look at the more elaborate items, and try to assess the effects they actually have on the impressionable mind of a child.

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