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Difference between various term paper formats

Different term paper formats can vary depending on what is required for the assignment. There are certain aspects you may be required to include such as the introduction or methods sections. Major parts of a term paper are different depending on academic level and subject matter. Understanding such differences will help students write their own term papers. If you have guidelines to follow you can use those first and consider the following as helpful tips on how to structure your term paper.

Formatting Style Variation

You can write a term paper in different formats but you need to follow what is recommended by your instructor. Some students are required to write their paper using a specific style such as APA or MLA. The differences here are within how content is spaced, centered and margin settings. You may be required to have a cover page with information typed in a certain manner. Your title may be centered on the page and your references or works cited may be displayed differently. For APA this page may be referred to as references and MLA may refer to this page as works cited.

Sections and Parts Included

Term papers formats can vary depending on sections and parts required. Some papers will have basic parts such as an abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion. Other students may have a simpler layout with an introduction, body and conclusion. Each of these sections may be longer than the standard essay format as some term papers can be several pages in length. You may have a portion that discusses methodology but in smaller sections. Here you may have headings and subheadings to present your analysis with defined presentation and structure.

Length and Number of Pages

Length and number of pages will vary depending on guidelines and terms for the assignment. You may be required to place page numbers on a certain section or side of the page. Your paper may need to be several pages in length depending on your topic and data collected. To understand what your school requires you may want to consider seeking sample term papers. You may notice differences in section headings, title pages and line spacing. You can get help with formatting through your instructor or with a professional academic writer. Your information should be easy to read, follow and sources be properly cited.

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