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Unexplored Topics For Psychology Research Papers

Psychology is a branch of science that has hundreds of other sub genres and branches. Because it is a social science, the amount of things that may be explored almost seem endless. Although this is the case, many graduate students and other college students or psychology professionals tend to focus on the same topics or studies. While ethics and cultural differences sometimes play a role in the limitations people may have when writing their psychology research or study papers.

Read through the following topics that have not been explored enough or are nearly never explored:

  • Holocaust survivors and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • While many psychologists have been written of the actual tragedy that caused World War II, many people have forgotten to follow up on the effects and sufferings these people who were victimized may still feel.

  • Serotonin levels of people suffering with depression and the correlation of planting gardens.
  • Gardening and tending to trees or plants is a huge focus at rehabilitation homes, most of the times at elderly care homes, assisted or non-assisting, and lastly in drug and alcohol recovery centers. Many of these populations suffer from depression as a cause of the issue or symptom of abuse, disability, or becoming older. It would be interesting to see or try to study the difference in people’s serotonin levels compared to people who didn’t participate in these activities.

  • Former government positions correlation with higher chance of Alzheimer’s disease, depression, or post-traumatic disorder.
  • While many of the men and women involved in high stress positions in the government, have worked hard for those positions and seem to enjoy them, it could be a different story behind the scenes. The stress involved in jobs like secretary of state, threats received when you are president, or complete lack of privacy when you are vice president are all major life changes that last anywhere from 4-8 years. These life changes are traumatic to the lifestyle these people may have been accustomed to, and when they have become so immune to it, it is just a rough change to accumulate to life when these positions are lost.

After reading some of these intense but unexplored topics, maybe original ones have reached your mind or you would like to branch off some of these topics to make your own. Write with detail and make sure to pick a topic you are truly passionate about.

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