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Great Physics Topics List To Write A Research Paper On

If you want to pick a great topic for your physics research paper, start with a topic that really interests you.  Think back to the lessons that you really liked, what was the topic on, okay you got it, now do your research paper on that.  Doing it on something that your really like will make the research and writing part of the process easier and fun.

Great Physics Topics

  • What are magnetic monopoles?  Do they fit into the electromagnetic theory of Maxwell? What techniques have been used to search for them and what were the results of the experiments?
  • How is lightening made in a storm?
  • How does radar work?  How does radar work in the devices that cops use to check your speed?
  • What is the Aurora borealis?  How can we see them and how is the color determined in them?
  • How do atmospheric optics work, you can pick something like a rainbow, sundogs, halos, coronas, or any other phenomena that happens when light interacts with something else in the atmosphere?
  • In Japan, magnetic levitation is used for the Maglev trains.  How does it work?
  • How do railguns work?  If you aren’t familiar with what a railguns is then check out the movie Eraser.
  • You know that a pulsar is the fragments of a large star that created a supernova and is a now a neutron star with a magnetic field that is giving off radiation.  Why and how do they pulsate? Why is it such a big magnetic field?
  • Microwave ovens, we use them everyday but how do they work? How do electromagnetic radiation heat up stuff so fast?  What happens to the food when it is in there?  Also why can’t we put metal into a microwave?
  • Our heart contracts rhythmically because of electrical pulses that run in a sequence.  Cells in the Sino atrial node trigger this sequence, which controls the muscles of the heart to pump blood.  What are the electromagnetics that make our heart work?
  • How do cell phones work?  Almost everyone has one now but do we really understand how they work?  What is the access technologies used in them?  What is the difference between the technology of cell phones and things like walkie-talkies?  How can cell phones allow us to make calls from anywhere but walkie-talkies only have a short distance that they can pick up?

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