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How To Pick A Controversial Science Topic For A Research Paper

Choosing a controversial science topic for a research paper has its challenges. You want to choose something interesting without it being too difficult to write about. Your topic idea should allow for creativity while providing honest credible information others will find useful. You may need to consider going outside of the box and choosing your topic that is considered science related when others may not see it this way. In some cases, some topic ideas are not considered science but they have a unique connection that qualifies it for a good research paper topic.

Review Topics of Interest that are Controversial

First, you need to review topic ideas that are considered controversial in the field of science. This can be anything from financial spending to how science has made contributions to the medical industry. You can use publications such as reference books, magazines and scholar journals to help you. Use media sites and newspapers to get additional ideas. Think about issues that affect people or how they live. You can consider your interests and how you would like to see changes among certain controversial topics.

Narrow Down Options Based on Your Ability to Write about It

Once you have an idea of types of controversies you can write about, think about how you can actually write about them. If you like doing research you may be able to research topics based on what you know or by the use of certain sources you know that offer credible information. Rate yourself on how you think you could write a paper about this topic and how to make it intriguing to your peers and your instructor. If you feel you can’t present much in the way of new information or engaging details you may want to avoid the topic idea.

Does It Fit Guidelines Set by Your Instructor?

When you feel you have something you can write about, evaluate how well it fits into project guidelines. You will need to review them carefully and keep them close by when choosing your topic. When you are in doubt about a specific idea you can review it with your instructor. Consider how to put a spin or twist on the issue and still make it appropriate for your guidelines. If you can see yourself writing the paper along with guidelines mentioned you have a winning topic.

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