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Help me pick a good social work topic for research paper

Social work is one of the helping professions that finds its rewards in bettering the lives of others rather than in sizable paychecks. Regardless, the workload for this degree can be quite heavy and the selection of a research topic can be challenging, especially to those who have taken a break from academia. Here are some topics you can consider.

Elders vs Elderly: How Society treats its oldest members

Many traditional societies give a place of reverence to older members while the western world tends to cast them aside. Reasons for this can be explored with examples and hypotheses.

Boys don’t cry and other lies about masculinity

This research can look at many of the behaviors previously assumed to be determined hormonally that have been proven to be more culturally prescribed.

Wellbeing of inmates on death row

People who have committed criminal acts that lead to capital punishment are often seen of as unworthy of concern. This research can look at how humanely they are treated toward the end of their lives.

Building healthy virtual communities

With so much activity taking place online, the virtual world deserves almost as much attention from the field as the physical one.

Ameliorating Peer Pressure among disadvantaged youth

Children and teens raised in abject poverty have much higher rates of criminality and some of the factors that encourage this can be turned around for good.

Addiction as a Symptom: How self medicating masks mental illness

This research can examine members of any given group prone to addiction for other mental illnesses that may be fueling their problem.

Sexual Identity among Special Needs Adults

This research can examine the desexualization by society that many special needs adults feel is thrust upon them.

Self Esteem and Online Image management

Many young people find themselves engaging in sexually explicit behaviors online as a cry for help. This research can look into the linkages between this and low self esteem.

Fostering cultural sensitivity in diverse communities

As the world becomes more integrated, cultural clashes become more common and this research can look for how common ground can be established between communities that on the surface appear to have nothing in common.

These topics all deal with issues that are currently gaining importance. If properly addressed they can yield research that changes lives and affects policy making for the better.

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