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Finding researchable obesity topics for research papers:

Research Papers

A research paper is an essay that involves critical thinking, skills of organization, research, evaluation of sources, and more. It is where you combine a bunch of information and the final product is a well written speech and or document in which clearly describes your point of view on the topic at hand. In order to make sure that your research paper is properly written it needs to first be properly researched. And you will know that your research paper has been properly researched if you follow the basic steps of research.

These steps are as follows:

  • Be sure to have your research question completely defined
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  •  Locate all of your resources from credible sources and be sure to develop a well
  • thought out research strategy
  •  When completing the research be sure to use search techniques that are very effective
  •  You need to always make sure that when you read the information you gathered to read it very critically, then synthesize all of the information and then find the meaning in all of that information- that meaning is your side of the story
  •  While you are researching and writing you need to be sure to completely understand the format of how the paper needs to be written as well as how the information needs to placed such as properly citing your sources
  • All of the sources that you choose to use, you need to be sure to evaluate them critically, this is how you will determine what information you will include and what information you will not include, as well as why you think you should include what you think you should include or not

Obesity topics:

The question for each research essay is the topic of what you need to focus on when researching. One very popular topic to write about is that of obesity, however you need to be sure to write about something that is researchable and backed by science findings. Some new example obesity topics for research essays that you should consider are as follows:

  •  Do genes influence whether someone is obese or not?
  •  Do you think that drugs should be allowed to help in treating obesity?
  •  Is someone’s obesity connected to their social environment?
  •  Is fast food the only thing to really blame for obesity?
  •  Should colleges completely ban junk food from all of the vending machines and the cafeteria?

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