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A List of Interesting Research Paper Topics for University Students

The trick to writing great research papers at university is to choose a topic that is both unique and interesting to you. Your enthusiasm will show through your writing and help capture your reader’s mind, compelling him or her to move on with the rest of your paper. Here are 10 of the most interesting topics you can use as is or to develop ideas of your own:

  1. Allowing Pets in College Campuses
  2. It’s known that the presence of pets can help brighten the mood of people and reduce stress levels. But are pets too distracting to have around, especially for students that don’t own pets?

  3. Stricter Global Fishing Laws
  4. The world community faces a danger in lower levels of fish available for food consumption. Should countries get together to pass stricter limitations to allow for an effective replenishment?

  5. Zoos as Immoral and Unethical to Animals
  6. Is it right to keep animals in cages or behind bars? Is this an issue of preservation or exploitation? Would a natural reservation be a better solution for preservation?

  7. Drug and Alcohol Abuse on College Campuses
  8. What can be done or said about increased use of drugs and alcohol in college? What factors appear to be behind the increase? Can a modified education of abuse help to curb the problem?

  9. Privacy as the Most Important Human Right
  10. Is our right to keep our personal lives private the most important human right that exists (or doesn’t exist)? Is this an issue that affects how we live socially and professionally?

  11. Disappearing P.E. Programs in Schools
  12. Physical Education programs are losing funding in schools and as result some schools have had to remove their programs altogether. What effect has this had on students’ health?

  13. Decreasing the Work Week to 4 Working Days
  14. Some studies indicate that workers can be more productive if the work week was reduced to four days. Should we move towards a system where people work 10 hours per day for just four days in the week?

  15. Rising Costs of a University Education
  16. The cost of higher education has increased tremendously over the last 20 years, and students have faced the burden of takin on more debt than they could handle. What are the long term effects that this can have for our economy?

  17. Rising Obesity Rates in the U.S.
  18. The number of people who are obese in the U.S. has increased in the last two decades, even though the health/exercise industry continues to make billions. Why does the rate of obesity continue to grow?

  19. How to Prevent Child Support Dodgers
  20. What penalties should be imposed to curb the amount of people who bail on paying child support?

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