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Sociological Determinants Of Consumer’s Purchasing An Iphone 6


The study indicated several different key conclusions and findings in regards to the theoretical portion of marketing the iPhone 6 successfully. The sociological determinants directly influence consumer’s habits in making their purchases. The vast realm of sociological considerations provides the groundwork for being able to appeal a marketing campaign to their consumers. In today’s economy, there are hundreds of products and brands available for the consumer to choose from. It is no longer as simple as stating ‘buy my product’, there has to be an appeal that reaches the target market which differentiates themselves from their competitors. The iPhone 6 not only has to compete with other mobile phones, they also have to compete with their own existing product line. Apple products offer luxury such as a Versace watch. The customers expect to get the quality along with the hefty price tag. It is about the name, prestige, and expectations that come along with the iPhone 6.

Apple Inc. has a clear advantage in the mobile market because their name is directly related to quality and prestige. In order to successfully market new product, they need to be able to maintain the existing image they have created. The sociological determinant dictates the need driven approach for spending such an extensive amount on a product. Apple Inc. has created a ‘hush-hush’ approach for revealing their product to the consumer’s right to the release date. Many consumers determine they will purchase their products before they even know the specs of the new release are even known. They pre-order the product in hopes of being one of the first to own it. The success of this campaign hinges heavily on the social status that coincides with the product.

The iPhone 6 hit the market with a price tag in excess of $850. The marketing for this phone required significant research into the theoretical consumer buying habits. The research showed how peers and social influences create justification for such extensive expenditures. It is not normal for an individual to spend that kind of money frivolously. However, the desire and need was created by Apple Inc. and by society, in general. It made the iPhone 6 something that consumers had to have, regardless of the cost. Also, capitalizing on social media and other networking avenues just builds the consumer desire based on the purchasing habits of their peers.

There are many considerations in marketing and advertising that need to be addressed. The theoretical framework associated with consumer buying is vast. The focus of this paper shows the sociological determinants that influence consumer’s needs and desires within their purchasing habits. Each product carries different social considerations and realms; however the iPhone hinges heavily on the social status that coincides with owning the product. It does aid the marketing campaign that the iPhone 6 provides a vast realm of features that enhance the consumer’s usage. The technological services and social status that coincides with the iPhone 6 directly influences the success and sales of the product.

Apple Inc. needs to consider the best options for securing a competitive position. They have to appeal to all consumers and offer products that are far more advanced than their competitors. The staff has to remain friendly while complying with their job requirements. Consumers expect quality service from the Apple Inc. staff, regardless of the level of employment. The employees also have to maintain creative ability, finding a new way to spin and improve an existing product. In addition, they have to do it better than any other competitor on the market. Apple Inc. needs to implement social media as a method for reaching consumers. It also provides a way for individuals to interact with their family and friends. It allow for advertising if social media is used in a positive manner to build the Apple Inc. name among an endless consumer reach.

Further research is recommended to conclude the extent that sociological determinants play within the consumer buyer market. Based upon the research conducted in this paper, it is important for many consumers to be socially acceptable which is obtained through material products. However, there are many other theories associated with consumer buying habits, so it cannot be concluded that the sociological factors are the primary motivations for consumers. It can be concluded that it does play an important role in marketing to the target consumers. There is an instinctive need to be socially accepted for individuals of all ages. It allows for marketing to capitalize on these factors in efforts to reach the majority of consumers. Additional research will provide a better understanding for other consideration of consumer buyers marketing.

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