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Share Your Ideas for World History Research Paper Topics and Help Your Friends

History can be a very interesting subject in school for which to write great research papers in. Sometimes, though, it can be a little difficult to find a topic and even more interesting sub-topic to research and write an entire paper on.

It’s usually a pretty good idea to work with some of your friends to brainstorm ideas. Here are seven good suggestions to help you get started and introduce to your friends in order to generate even more ideas:

  • Medieval Family Law – During the medieval period there were a number of laws regarding family, marriage, children and even same sex marriage. How are the Medieval laws similar to today’s family laws? Can it be said that they are more similarities than many of us would think?

  • Roman Republic – Rome was one of the first republics that voted for their leaders, the major importance being that it formed their senate. Yet, Rome was far from a democracy; it was more a class society in which the wealthy controlled most of the resources. How would a Roman government look in today’s world?

  • French Revolution – Generally, it’s accepted that the French Revolution started because of economic reasons. But how did the philosophies and the progressive thought of the Enlightenment play a role in the entire event?

  • Spirit of the Renaissance – This period is marked by a revival of the classic styles of the ancient world, but it stands alone as one of the most progressive artistic moments in history, pushing forth ideas that had never before been known in art. What artistic innovations of the Renaissance exist in today’s art world?

  • Volstead Act – This federal act prohibited the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcohol in the U.S. as a way to improve the moral fiber of its citizens. The act, however, is also heavily associated to increased alcohol consumption and other types of crime. What does the Volstead Act show us about prohibition of other types of drugs today?

  • The Gulf War – In 1990, 100,000 troops from the armed forces in Iraq invaded their neighboring country Kuwait. A series of events quickly followed that brought the United States to enter war against Iraq. What events between Kuwait and Iraq could have gone differently to avert war altogether?

  • Spanish Civil War – The Spanish Civil War is one of the deadliest and economically devastating wars in the 20th century. How did the Spanish War change the course of Spain’s role in WWII?

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