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I Need an Example of Term Paper Introductory Paragraph

Term paper examples help a lot when you have to prepare your own work within a short period of time. Every student knows that the opening paragraph of a paper is called an introduction. Its purpose is to draw the reader’s attention to the topic, and determine the main statement you will explain in the body paragraphs.

An informative and motivating introduction can begin in several different ways:

  • State your study thesis.
  • This is a nice strategy, and many examples of introductory paragraphs for term papers begin like this. However, an announcement does not look attractive to the reader. Avoid writing something like, “This term paper talks about …” You should introduce the topic, make a statement, describe your subject, and pique the reader’s interest with intriguing information about it.

  • Raise the issue and offer a solution.
  • Invite your reader to find the solution together, since people always like feeling involved. Depict the situation in detail, and point out the aspect you want them to focus their attention on. Many humanities term papers have introductions like this.

  • Write down an interesting fact about the subject.
  • Surprise the reader and tell them something they have no idea about. Use statistical data or a quote from a famous person. Do not forget to state your attitude on the matter, and show that the paper’s body contains details that are even more interesting.

  • Present the main idea as your personal finding.
  • Since most term papers imply students’ personal perspectives, feel free to share your own ideas. Figure something out yourself and provide your own arguments. The readers can then agree or disagree, pick counterarguments, and make conclusions. People will learn something they cannot find somewhere else.

  • Add some emotional content.
  • A strong introduction paragraph provokes the reader’s curiosity and evokes emotions. People like feeling excited about something.

  • Give an example from the past.
  • Choose an example from the past and tell a story. Historical facts often help explain the background of the study.

  • Start with a joke or a funny statement.
  • Though you are preparing an academic assignment, a term paper should not be extremely serious. Demonstrate your sense of humor, but stay polite and avoid uttering vulgarities.

So, the most popular suggestions for term paper introductory paragraphs are listed above. Do not hesitate to search the web and learn how others begin their own papers. Even so, you can come up with your own one when you understand the techniques.

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