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Creating A Winning Research Paper On Customer Retention Strategies

We are born as consumers. Since we are little we learn that we need to buy things if we want to be happy. The society is putting so much pressure on us, that we end up depressed if we don’t have the latest mobile phone, or the best clothes. As a manager, you have to know this very well and you need to find strategies to keep your customers. It is much more important to keep old clients, than to gain new ones. At least in this way you will be sure that you are not losing money. Take a look at these strategies and use them to write your research paper:

  • Communicate with the client. Yes, literally. If a client did not visit your store for a long time, you can easily send him a flyer, letter, e-mail, offer or discount. In most of the cases this will motivate him to come and buy from you again. It is important to be a constant presence in the life of your customers if you want to keep them forever.
  • Make special discounts. This is a technique that is widely used nowadays. If you buy from the same store two weeks in a row, you will receive a free shirt. Does it sound familiar? I bet it does. This is a way to make your customers think that they will have great advantages if they visit your store instead of others. Besides, they will feel that it is a privilege to receive something free from you.
  • Create personal cards. A fidelity card will make anyone come back to the same store over and over again. This is because they will receive permanent discounts and they will have access to special offers. They will special in front of other customers.
  • Treat your clients well. This is the golden rule for any business. It does not matter if you have extremely small prices and good products. If the seller will talk in bad way with the client, he will never come back.
  • Pay attention to complaints. Let’s say that a customer said that your store is not clean. What will you do, ignore him? Of course not. If you take into consideration each complaint and you try to solve the problem, you will avoid losing clients, and you might even gain new ones.

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