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A Guide To Writing An APA Research Paper With A Literature Review

First we should know what literature review is for an APA research paper. A literature review is a type of critical analysis and it is written by a critique. Critiques read any literature book and after finishing reading they ponder over it. They write critical appreciation in which they include brighter and darker side of particular literature book. They also write about new idea which is found in that literature book.

  • Know about APA guidelines
  • Guideline given in APA format is different than other formats. You should read them to know about these guidelines. Best way to know about APA format is to compare it with other formats. You will understood the distinction and things will be clear. You should mainly focus on structure or body of APA format. See examples if you cannot understand. Seeing examples will help you to understand well.

  • Choose a topic to write
  • After getting knowledge about APA format you should choose any topic on which you want to write. You should choose easy and simple topic at the beginning as you are in learning period. After choosing topic read it well. You should try to find out negative and positive sides of topic.

  • Identify and organize the ideas
  • A literature book or article is composed by many ideas. Writer of the book has many purposes behind composing that book. A good critique tries to find out that purpose and new ideas depicted in that book through research. You should find out them and write in paper. After that you should explain every pints or idea. Write about weakness and strength of that literature book.

    After finishing writing you should summarize them. You can use tables or excel sheet to summarize literature review or you can choose to write in Microsoft words. It depends on you how you want to present summary.

  • Synthesize before writing review
  • Before writing review you should think deeply about the purpose of your writing. Have a clear idea what you are going to write. You should fix your purpose and ideology so that while writing you do not change your track. It is often found that writer change their track. It happens because their ideas are not clear and as a result they write confusing review. Give some examples to make strong your points.

  • Start writing review
  • While writing review you should avoid famous statements or quotations. You should emphasize on importance of your review to convince the readers.

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